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Breaking News… Our Members Colin Baxter, Matthew Oxford and Megan Clark are all presenting papers at the London Vet Show on Friday 17th November 2017 at Ex-Cel London. Covering alternatives to extraction, radiography and periodontal disease.
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BVDA Scientific Meeting 5th April 2017

The Annual Scientific Meeting this year offered a range of exciting PRACTICAL information for work in small animal veterinary cases! Alex Smithson BVM&S BDS(Hons) MRCVS, our President, welcomed everyone joining us on the day, and thanked our Sponsors.
The Scientific Day went as follows:
9.00-9.55 Alex Smithson (BDS, MRCVS): Dental & Orofacial Pain – Interactive Case Examples
9.55-10.50 Ana Nemec (DVM):Canine Oral Malignant Melanoma – What Are The Treatment Options?
10.50-11.20 TEA BREAK
11.20- 12.15 Ana Nemec (DVM): Cultivable Root Canal Microbiota of Fractured Teeth In Dogs
12.15-12.20 SPONSOR THANKS
12.20–12.50 AGM – strict time limitation.
13.00-13.50 LUNCH at Edmunds Bistro, 6 Brindley Place, B1 2JB
14.00-14.55 Phil Tomson (BDS): Trauma and the Pulp
14.55-15.45 Phil Tomson (BDS): Material Options – What & Why?
15.45-16.00 TEA BREAK
16.00-16.55 Carl Bradbrook (MRCVS): Top Tips for Anaesthesia and Analgesia in Dentistry Cases
16.55-17.30 Waltham Research: Protozoa in Canine Oral Plaque
17.30 CLOSE
With grateful thanks to our sponsors & exhibitors:

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Cost before 5th April 2017
BVDA Member £70
Non-Member £85
Students and VNs £40
Cost included lectures, supporting material, refreshments and lunch.
****** Registration on the day was £90 all categories**********