Position Statements

Dog Antler Chews

The BVDA are unaware of scientific evidence showing a causative link between dental and oral soft tissue injury and the use of antler chews. However, many Veterinary Dentists are reporting that they are seeing fractured teeth as a direct result of chewing on antler bars. In particular, the maxillary fourth premolar tooth. Where chews are of comparable, or greater, hardness than the dental tissues and their supporting structures there is the potential for  self induced trauma to be incurred during play

The BVDA expresses concerns for the potential of both acute and chronic painful traumatic sequelae to occur during play with antler chews. Urgent investigation into this matter is clearly required.

It is clear that some manufacturers would feel that there is a risk of dental trauma and advocate close monitoring of play with these products and recommend withdrawal of the toy if the dog is seen to be “bearing down hard”. This is likely to be impractical for members of the general public to accurately assess and necessitates close and continual monitoring when pets are playing with these toys.

Furthermore, the BVDA is unaware of any scientific evidence substantiating purported claims made by manufacturers that the use of antler chews is beneficial for the health of pets’ teeth.

In conclusion, the BVDA has reservations about the suitability of antler chews as toys for dogs.